Ever since the first automobile was produced for the masses in the US, (the 3-horsepower, curved-dash Olds) the car has lived at the center of individual and social happiness. Originally marketed as a toy for the rich, cars soon became one of the most fundamental connections to American happiness. Our earliest memories and most important life milestones are all inextricably linked to the car.

Collecting them brings that original joy to life many times over. Taking ownership of a collectible car is a moment of pure excitement – until the inconvenience of the classic car insurance step slams the brakes on happiness.

At Condon Skelly, our goal is to keep the fun rolling. We believe that every part of the classic car experience should be fun – including the classic car insurance. Being collectors ourselves, we invented the concept of “happy insurance.” Today, we’re a new and modern company, shaped by the vision of our founders. Our goal is to deliver on the original simple promise to make car collecting more fun. That’s it. Our customers tell us that they can feel the difference in our easy quoting, immediate coverage, and great pricing.

Instead of faceless phone support, here you can meet and correspond with our “Funderwriters,” who will write insurance for your classic car based on agreed value. Our Service Team is always available to service your claims quickly and with a smile. Our experts help you make the most of your classic car collection with useful information when you need it. And our Classic Car Community features games, forums, events, and social networking for you and your family. When it comes to car collecting, Happiness is our policy.

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